About the Artist

Since 2002, Chuck Cheesman has created custom wooden furniture from his small, well-stocked studio in Midlothian, Texas. His interest in woodworking started decades earlier though, as a 7th grader in woodshop class. Later, his resourceful nature was honed by working as an onsite metal fabricator, so when wife Dawn wanted walnut bedroom furniture, Chuck said, “I can do that,” and an expert woodcrafter was born.

Today, the self-taught designer derives many of his ideas from the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Shaker styles of furniture. His works can be seen in homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and surrounding communities.

Hardwood furniture has a natural beauty making each piece unique. Some of his favorite woods to work with are Alder, Oak, Cherry and Walnut; these are excellent choices for furniture.  For outdoor furniture woods like Oak, Redwood and Cedar are great for their durability and resistance to rot and insects. An artist herself, Dawn Cheesman hand paints the cute pony faces, flowers, lettering and leaves on the rocking horses.

About the Process

The three steps of the process are Discovery, Design, and Creation. In the Discovery phase, Design Creations works with you to reveal your wants, needs, and ideas. We discuss your timeline, the unique colors and textures of wood, your choice of stain or paint, and how you will ultimately arrange the pick-up of your new furniture.

During the Design phase, we make sketches or models to make sure you will be pleased with the final result. Only when you approve of the Design, does the next step begin.

In the Creation phase, all of the ideas, drawings, and models come together to bring your vision to life. We use old-world techniques of craftsmanship and real hardwoods to achieve a piece of furniture you will cherish forever. Our goal is to make your custom woodwork process an enjoyable experience, from start to finish.

About the Wood

Every tree and every wood grain is unique. For that reason, we cannot promise you an exact match with a picture. The swirls, striations, and even the knot-holes of the various wood grains – combined with hand craftsmanship – are what separates your one-of-a-kind piece of custom woodwork from factory-made offerings.

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